Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Navales y Oceánicos

Conference: Reduction of Exhaust Emissions in ships

On January 1st, 2015 the international regulation to limit sulphur emissions in North America and Northern Europe, known ECA (Emission Control Areas), came into force.
Owners of ships sailing in these areas should choose one of the following options: use fuel with a sulphur content below 0.1%; change from burning fuel oil to diesel oil to enter the exclusion areas; incorporate filtration systems known as scrubbers or use natural gas as fuel.
This conference is intended to be a forum where equipment manufacturers,  ship  operators,  gas  suppliers  and  technical offices  present  their  opinions  on  the  alternatives  available  to meet the regulations. The gas as fuel and the use of scrubbers solutions, with installation examples in existing vessels, will be presented in detail.
Place:Hotel Sardinero, Santander
Date: Thursday, 10th March 2016  9:00 h. (Add to your calendar)
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